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Shanghai Municipal Investment Virescence Technology Development Co., Ltd.

The company's main business comprises the introduction, development, promotion and application of the new and elite plant resources, soil remediation and improvement of saline alkali soil as well as water treatment and water ecological restoration. The company is committed to technique R&D and transformation of academic achievements in the landscaping industry, and has undertaken the projects which are supported and promoted by such institutes as central finance promotion of SFA (State Forestry Administration), Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Municipal Investment Fund, and Shanghai Greening Bureau and so on.

Greenland Broad Greenstate Ecological Restoration Co., Ltd.

The company relies on the cooperation with the environmental science academician workstation and State Key Laboratory of pollution control and resource utilization of Tongji University and reserves a strong technical strength of ecological restoration. The main business covers the comprehensive management of all kinds of rivers, remediation of black and odorous river pollution, restoration of saline alkali lands, dumping ground, heavy metal organic contaminated land, sponge city construction, ecological landscape and ecological municipal facilities construction and so on. The company is committed to becoming a leading enterprise in the field of "city repair and ecological restoration".